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We help schools become Cambridge International Associate Centres worldwide.

Becoming a Cambridge Associate Center allows your school to be part of a renowned gold standard in education, allowing students and educators to be more confident, responsible, creative, and engaged in the world.

We help make your journey with
Cambridge International as simple as possible

A GenEx Associate Centre has access to:

  • Registration as a Cambridge International School  
  • Guidance on offering high-quality teaching and learning 
  • Support and Advice for Management, Educators and Students  
  • Cambridge Examination Support & Administration  
  • Cambridge Teaching and Learning Resources, Support and Training  
  • Professional Development Opportunities  
  • Joining a Global Network of Schools   
  • We help with the growth and scaling of your school to offer Cambridge
  • Access to our Dedicated GenEx Helpdesk  

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Cambridge International Online

Cambridge Content
& Resources

We’re here to help you succeed with our Cambridge International online resources and content. Our Cambridge International curriculum, created and curated by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), is available to schools and students on-campus and online with 24-hour help from our virtual SMEs.


Cambridge Lower secondary


The curriculum for the Cambridge Lower Secondary School offers students, typically 11 to 14 years old, a chance to explore their creativity and curiosity. GenEx designed the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum with educators, allowing them to tailor the lessons to meet their learners’ needs.

Subjects offered

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary English 

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary Science 

  • Cambridge Lower Secondary Mathematics 

  • Afrikaans as a Second Language

  • Business Studies & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

  • Social Science & Environmental Management

Cambridge IGCSE


The Cambridge International IGCSE is one of the most popular international qualifications for 14 to 16-year-olds in the world. The IGCSE curriculum is ideal for students of all abilities because it provides a range of options and paths for learners at different levels. We have created specially curated, comprehensive resources for the IGSCE that are both engaging and flexible.

Subjects offered

  • Cambridge IGCSE English  
  • Cambridge IGCSE Afrikaans as a Second Language   
  • Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics   
  • Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry   
  • Cambridge IGCSE Physics   
  • Cambridge IGCSE Geography   
  • Cambridge IGCSE History   
  • Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies

Cambridge International AS Level

The Cambridge International AS level syllabuses are advanced qualifications that help students prepare for further study and are accepted by colleges around the world. The material in this course helps pupils develop their abilities in various areas, which prepares them for further study and the real world.

Subjects offered

  • Cambridge AS English  
  • Cambridge AS Afrikaans   
  • Cambridge AS Mathematics   
  • Cambridge AS Chemistry   
  • Cambridge AS Physics   
  • Cambridge AS Geography   
  • Cambridge AS History
  • Cambridge AS Business

Professional Development Qualification


The Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs) are for practising educators who want to become better educators and improve their teaching skills. The Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning are offered online by GenEx, with full online mentor assistance throughout the program.

The Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning are designed to be integrated into a school’s professional development planning.

Make the right decision today, choose our PDQs and start your journey towards self-improvement and professional development.  


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Cambridge Examinations

To successfully progress through the Cambridge pathway, students must write their exams at a registered Cambridge School; this also applies to students studying through blended learning methods or entirely online.

Examination centres


We’ve made finding a registered Cambridge school easy and accessible.


With our expanding network of examination centres, we offer several examination centres for candidates to sit their Cambridge International examinations.


For more information on our Cambridge offerings, contact us today.