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GenEx is a Cambridge Assessment International Education Associate and can confer Cambridge certifications to educational institutions globally.


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IAQs are higher certificates and diplomas that are widely recognised by international universities and are available in various subjects.


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We’ve created an innovative digital ecosystem to bridge the gap between traditional face-to-face learning and online, student-led learning.

We want our students to have the most immersive educational experience possible. So we’ve given our students, guardians, and academic institutions the software and tools to create engaging, flexible, learner-centric environments.

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Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world’s largest provider of internationally recognised programmes and qualifications recognised in 160 countries worldwide.

By becoming a Cambridge Associate Centre, your learning centre becomes a part of a world-renowned gold standard, helping students and educators become more confident, responsible, innovative and engaged in the world.

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The future of education lies in blending education and technology to create something new, innovative, and revolutionary.

We have been working with GenEx for over three years now, and it has definitely added value to what we offer in our middle and high school. Navigating our way through Cambridge has been made infinitely easier by having access to the experienced, supportive and knowledgeable team at GenEx. We are very excited about taking the next step and using the new GenEx platforms and taking our whole school to a new level of functionality and efficiency.


Sam Streak

Cambridge Associate Centre

The GenEx platform significantly improves my administrative duties as a Head of Campus. It is user-friendly and well organised. The LMS has been an excellent resource for our students to foster their intrinsic motivation and become self-directed learners.

GenEx’s vision for empowering students to own their learning journey and for educators to be active and present in the classroom is truly marvellous! We are lucky to have this resource on our campus.


Generation Schools Hermanus: Nikki Malcomess

LMS / SIS Software

The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning course that I completed with GenEx is one of the best professional development programmes I have ever taken. It has had a lot of positive impacts on my classroom practices. As an educator, it helped me grow professionally and taught me how to conduct an active learning class. Thanks to the course, I can now write an excellent lesson plan, efficiently assess my students’ learning, give feedback and help them achieve the objectives of my lessons. 

As a message to educators, never stop learning! And if you are able to complete this course with GenEx, don’t hesitate. Thanks to the GenEx team for their dedication to helping us.


Yaya Dama, Burkina Faso

Professional Development Qualification

The business and management course aided me in cementing my understanding of the business world and its functioning, I grew substantially in my communication skills. The ability for me to proceed through my school exiting certificate at my own pace was what suited me best and ultimately enabled me to graduate at the age of 16. Ultimately, I am glad I made the choice to do the business and management course and am better today for not only the knowledge gained through the course but also the personal growth it brought out.


Thomas Vermaak – Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management

International Access Qualification

A massive thank you to the GenEx team for guiding me on my PDQ journey. I have grown so much as a teacher and person throughout Module 1. The programme has given me much greater confidence in inspiring my students and adapting to their needs. I have been introduced to a variety of active learning methods, and the importance of ongoing assessment has been reaffirmed. Developing a reflective practice and encouraging my students to reflect on their learning has profoundly impacted my teaching. Overall, I cannot recommend the programme enough and am looking forward to deepening my practice in Module 2.


James Ball, South Africa

Professional Development Qualification

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