intuitive teaching

The courses are designed by experienced practitioners that have taught different age groups and subjects.


Opportunities are created continuously for collaboration within the virtual community of candidates following the course.

Practical approach

Candidates will observe experienced practitioners within their own organisation, as well as on the platform.


Each candidate is assigned a mentor. Mentors guide and assist the candidates, as well as share their experience.

Why Genex?

When the term “professional development” is used, formal processes such as a conference, seminar, workshop and/or collaborative learning among members of a work team come to mind. These processes typically occur face-to-face. Professional development can also refer to discussions among work colleagues, independent reading and research, observations of experienced practitioners or learning from a peer within the organisation.

The biggest challenge these face-to-face professional development courses bring, is the demanding work schedule educators face every day. Scheduling specific times during the day to use the above-mentioned methods of professional development, require time throughout the workday which few educators have. In these ways, educators are also limited to knowledge within their organisation and their immediate area. Enter the alternative: GenEx.

GenEx endeavours to inspire curiosity, fuel knowledge and invite experience through establishing an online and virtual community. GenEx aims to reach students as individuals, within the context of their community, while also connecting candidates across countries and continents. Through their learning, connections and collaboration, candidates are also able to develop a sense of trust and empathy throughout the greater globe. The focus of this course is to encourage candidates to become reflective practitioners with a growth mindset.

How does GenEx work ?

Candidates work through carefully curated content which focuses on learning objectives and key questions set out to guide candidates to compile their portfolio that will be submitted to Cambridge for assessment at the end of the course.

The online platform offers the following features:


The Forum is aimed at establishing and encouraging a learning community where candidates can share their ideas, opinions and experiences in an open space. Here, candidates are able to interact with and learn from one another.

Chat Room

The Chat Room is designed for candidates to communicate with one another on the platform. This is where candidates can collaborate and form connections where the main aim is support, constructive feedback and sharing of ideas.


The eStudio is a feature on the platform where candidates can create and edit documents to post to their online journal or to submit a task for review. Documents can be attached as well as images and links to external sources such as YouTube, etc.

Mentor Chat

This feature is used as the main form of communication where candidates can ask questions and discuss the week’s content. Candidates are also able to book weekly online meetings via Skype with their Mentor and Programme Leader.

My Journal

Each candidate has an online journal for their own personal use. They are required to save thoughts, experiences and responses to tasks to their online journal throughout the course. The online journal is accessible everywhere and anywhere as it is online.

Tasks for Review

Candidates submit their tasks to their Mentor and Programme Leader through the platform. Their Mentor and Programme Leader will have immediate access after they submit for review and will be able to provide feedback to candidates easily.


Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (PDQs) provide a strong framework to support the continuous professional development of candidates. These qualifications are designed to be integrated into a school’s professional development planning, activities and culture. Completion of these courses, such as the Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning, will help candidates to engage critically with relevant concepts, principles, theories and best practices from around the world and to apply new ideas and approaches in reflective practices in their own teaching and learning context. Candidates are also guided to formatively evaluate their experiences to further plan their development and to transform the quality of teaching and school leadership in order to improve the outcomes of students.

“Cambridge guides and supports us in implementing the programmes, and we encourage the teachers, leaders and their schools to think creatively and be innovative in their practice. The outcomes of collaborative learning have impacted positively on schools through improved learning outcomes.”

Vardhana Lakshmi, Programme Leader CfBT Education Services, India

We, at GenEx, recognise the value of these programmes and recognise the need for an online version of these PDQs to broaden access and create ease for candidates located across countries and continents.

At GenEx, we use our digital platform as the vehicle for delivery; therefore, bridging the gap between theory and the world of work. The online PDQ has been developed through a partnership between Cambridge International and GenEx, a subsidiary of Generation Schools, South Africa, which is a registered Cambridge Assessment Centre.

Our aim for this certificate is to help educators improve their teaching methods and practices through cost-effective programmes that benefit both both them and their students. This encourages experimentation of best practices and the development of professional learning communities.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what teachers had to say:

” Teachers who have completed a Cambridge PDQ have a greater awareness of students being at the centre of learning and, thus, facilitating their independence.”

Jon Murray-Walker

Headmaster, Greensteds International School, Kenya

” A good aspect of the programme is that my mentor and I would discuss my lesson and I would reflect during this discussion.”

Yu Wei

A-Level Mathematics teacher at ULink College of Shanghai, China.

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