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Melissa Alberts

Meet the team that is responsible for making GenEx and its professional development offerings come alive!
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”  
Phil Jackson

Passion for Education

Melissa Alberts

Melissa Alberts, Programme Lead and Developer

 I’ve always had a passion for education, from pretending to be a teacher during playtime to studying to be an actual one. 

After completing my honours degree in curriculum studies, I taught science and mathematics to middle and high school students for four years. 

During this time, I noticed that it is way too easy to stagnate in our teaching approach, and it is vital that we actively pursue opportunities to develop our practice to benefit our teaching practice, but more importantly, our students’ learning. 

This was when I got involved in GenEx and the development of their professional development offering. I am responsible for creating, curating and managing the GenEx Cambridge International courses to ensure it is authentic and of high quality. My main focus is to ensure that the flow of learning supports and guides our candidates’ progress to complete the course successfully and create a learning environment where the experience and journey are valuable and enriching. 

I have witnessed candidates from different countries and teaching contexts collaborate, share ideas and experiences, and offer advice and motivation. It has been inspiring to see so many educators being open to improving and coming together with one goal in mind – to grow as a teacher in its many forms. 

Journey in Education

Chelsea Munro

Chelsea Munro, Lead Mentor

I am proud to be part of the GenEx team as an educational specialist and mentor. I have been a mentor for the last three years, and the GenEx courses have not only inspired me in terms of professional development, but also enriched my own journey in education. 


I have had the privilege of meeting people worldwide who aspire daily to nurture their skills in education and the pleasure of forming professional relationships with them. Although my role is to facilitate, encourage and guide, I, too, have learnt so much from each candidate. 

It is empowering and a privilege to watch educators from every continent have the same desire to grow in education, hone their skills and most of all, be inspired to empower their students. Through this journey, I have seen many educators develop holistically and take this experience and make it their own – ultimately allowing their professions to flourish and their students to reap the rewards. 

"I am not a teacher, but an awakener."
Robert Frost

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Lifelong Learner

Nevek Littleford

Nevek Littleford, Lead Multimedia Learning Designer

I am a lifelong learner from Cape Town who is passionate about the outdoors, camping, gardening and going on adventures with my rescue dog.

My goal in the development of this programme was to design a course that best serves the end-user (the candidate) by creating engaging imagery and well-structured visual content. 

In developing the programme, I focused on breaking down concepts into easily digestible yet comprehensive sections to enable the user to digest the content without any difficulty fully. 

To ensure a valuable learning experience, I aim to construct a course that is not only fully packed with knowledgeable content but also enjoyable. 

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