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Be a Life-Long Learner

So what is active learning? And why is it important? As educators, we have a passion for learning. That’s why we’ve chosen our profession, right? And every day, we hope to instil the same passion for learning in our students. This goes beyond what they learn in the classroom and includes learning the necessary skills

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Meet the GenEx Team

Improve your practice! Find out more now! Meet the team that is responsible for making GenEx and its professional development offerings come alive! “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”   Phil Jackson Passion for Education Melissa Alberts Melissa Alberts, Programme Lead and Developer  I’ve always

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Active Learning – The Best Strategy for Effective Teaching?

Recently, we’ve asked our community what they think are the most essential feature of an effective lesson. With an overwhelming 71%, it was no surprise that most thought using active learning within our lessons is the most essential part of enhancing teaching and learning.  So what is active learning? And why is it important?  When

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