Be a Life-Long Learner

Melissa Alberts

Melissa Alberts

Life-Long Learning

And why is it important?

As educators, we have a passion for learning. That’s why we’ve chosen our profession, right? And every day, we hope to instil the same passion for learning in our students. This goes beyond what they learn in the classroom and includes learning the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the outside world. With the world changing every second, we are preparing our students for the unknown.

Like any other field, such as technology and medicine, education evolves so fast that our techniques and skills often become obsolete. We have to adapt to our students’ new needs, and we cannot continue to teach the same way we were taught. You won’t trust a doctor who is using methods and medicine from 20 years ago! The same goes for us, teachers.

What a daunting task! But luckily, by becoming lifelong learners, we adopt the growth mindset needed to tackle these challenges head-on. 

To be an effective teacher in today’s age, being one is essential. This will not only motivate us to develop, but it will also inspire our students to become lifelong learners themselves. Showing them that we aren’t vessels of infinite knowledge and that we are also continuously learning. 

Teaching is not a static profession. Educators need to constantly challenge themselves to read and try new methods.
Dr Ann van Wig (Eastern Washington University)

Overcoming the Many Challenges

Of becoming a life long learner.

Being a lifelong learner enables educators to conquer challenges better. Anyone in the education field knows that a teacher is constantly adapting and “thinking on their feet”. This, together with all the other responsibilities we have, can be draining, especially if we work with outdated equipment in our toolbox!

A growth mindset with a passion for lifelong learning is a tool that we need when faced with inevitable challenges. We treat then feel more confident to treat these obstacles as part of the learning process and motivate us to learn from our mistakes and try again, to find different ways to adapt and solve a problem ahead of us.

Want to know more?

How can I become a lifelong learner?

One of the ways to work towards this goal is to take part in regular professional development.

However, traditional teacher training isn’t always ideal. The biggest challenge of face-to-face professional development courses is the demanding work schedule of a 21st-century educator or school leader. Scheduling specific times to use traditional methods, such as workshops, seminars and conferences, requires time throughout the workday, which few educators have. In these ways, educators are also limited to knowledge within their organisation and their immediate area.

How can GenEx help?

GenEx started when this need for an alternative approach was identified. Through a collaboration with Cambridge International, the GenEx project has been in development since 2018. After completing two successful pilots for the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning, 

We successfully launched our first live cohort at the start of 2020. Since then, we’ve had multiple cohorts, with candidates from across the globe, completing our online course achieving incredible results. So far, we’ve achieved a 100% pass rate, with 54% of our candidates passing with distinction. Our first cohort for the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning also started this year, and we are incredibly excited for the road ahead! And this is not the end, because more courses are currently in development.

We aim to guide educators along pathways to improving their teaching with cost-effective programmes that benefit both their teaching and their students’ learning, actively encouraging experimentation with best practices and the development of professional learning communities. The carefully curated content, developed by experienced and qualified practitioners, is authentic and of high quality, available 24/7 and anywhere in the world.

Want to know more?

What does GenEx offer?

Currently, you can enrol to complete the Cambridge International Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning with GenEx and join our virtual learning community working with like-minded educators across the world, learning, collaborating and connecting to share experiences and build a sense of trust and support. 

 Both the certificate and diploma have been designed to help teachers develop their  professional thinking and practice and enhance their teaching and learning quality. It focuses on developing the  knowledge, skills and understanding in the critical aspects of teaching and learning.  It is inclusive and relevant to to all teaching and learning contexts and creates opportunities for candidates to explore and apply new ideas in their own context, integrate new approaches in their own practice, and demonstrate their professional development as reflective practitioners.

 It’s a perfect opportunity to continue the journey towards lifelong learning and ensuring we consistently improve to benefit our practice. 

Why join GenEx?

Feedback from our candidates, programme leaders and mentors all point to the same conclusion: Teachers who become lifelong learners through continuous professional development see an improvement in their teaching and students’ learning. 

They are more confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Don’t just take our word for it. Read what Sam Streak, one of our past candidates, say about continuing her professional development after 29 years of teaching. 

"As a Montessori educator for the past twenty-nine years, I began this certificate programme with the idea that there was not a lot I had to learn, and the process would be effortless. I have reached the end humbled and appreciative of the incredible journey of learning and reflection I have experienced. Cambridge teachers and learners have five identifiable characteristics: confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged. While I had these characteristics before, they are, without doubt, more deeply entrenched."
Sam Streak

So are you a lifelong learner?

The Cambridge International Certificate/Diploma in Teaching and Learning will be a valuable course for you! Explore the various fundamental concepts of teaching and learning, and join us on the next step in your professional development journey. 

To find out more, email us at, and one of the GenEx team members will provide you with further information and assist with any questions you may have. 

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